Welcome to Sudan

It is not secret that Sudan has huge untapped potentials of tourism attractions that offer possibilities for a key role in the global tourism industry.

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black pharaohs
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Hot Tours


Archaeological Tours

Musawarrat ,Naga, Meroe, Gebel Barkal, Kerma.

Sudan Red Sea

Red Sea Diving

Wingate Reef – Umbria, South Reefs, Sanganeb.


Business Tours

Meet Sudanese business partners.


Popular Destinations



National Museum, National Museum for Ethnography, Natural History Museum, Blue Nile Sailing Club, Khartoum Mogran (confluence of the two Niles), Mogran Family Park on the Nile.


The Mahdi's tomb, Khalifa's House, Omdurman market, boat builder, The Camel Market, Derwishes.

sudan desert

Eastern Sudan

Erkowit, Suakin Island, Kassla, Port Sudan,

River Nile

The Nile, The Sixth Cataract, the third Cataract,

National parks .

Aldinder , Alhasaneia ,


Hunting , Birds Shooting

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