Day_1,2 Second Cataract

Midday Meet and assist at Egyptian Sudanese border Wadi Halfa then continues to Okasha Nubian village where you will spend two nights at   Nubian guesthouse. Exploring the magnificent areas of the second cataract.

  • sulfur baths in Akasha and Amara West is an ancient town 1500 and 1070 BC.
  • we will see several other small cataracts between the Second and the Third Cataracts (Semna, Okma, and Dal).
  • Sand dunes at the two banks of the Nile Sahara desert and Nubian desert.

Day_3,4 3rd cataract

Morning continues south to the third cataract visit The Temple of Soleb Built by Pharaoh Amenhotep III in honor of the god Amun. Also, visit Jebel Dosha overnight Nubian Guesthouse.

Visit Kerma the capital city of the first kingdom of Kush. The region, which includes the oldest cemeteries of the African continent.

Day_5,6 Jebel Barkel

Morning Passing from the third cataract to Jebel Barkal via Dongla the capital of Northern state visit of Jebel Barkal the holy mountain of Amun, you can climb to view Karima city, the Nile and palm trees.

The second day early morning drive to the archaeological site of Old Dongla, then visit El Kurru is part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of “Jebel Barkal and the Sites of the Napatan Region”. It was the burial place and royal city of many of the earliest Napatan Kings and Queens, including a number of the 25th Dynasty Kings.

Day_7   Bayuda desert

Morning before crossing Bayuda desert visit of  Nuri Pyramids contained 21 kings together with 52 queens and princesses, then drive 280km crossing Bayuda desert stop at  Atbara city the capital of Sudan railways and the confluence of  Atbara river and river Nile. Overnight at the hotel.

Day_8 Meroe

Morning from Atbara departure to Necropolis of Meroe, (Home to World’s Largest Collection of Pyramids) and the Royal city,  overnight guesthouse.

Day _9,10,11 Khartoum
Khartoum where the Blue and White Niles meet, there are many interesting things you can do. Museums there are six different types of them, fascinating souqs and fantastic Nile-side views more than 600 km, also you can see an incredible Sufi ritual, wrestling area and many more. overnights at Alkholafa hotel.

Day _12 End of services

it is a free day in Khartoum before home back end of services.

Dates: Dec 2018 / Jan, Feb,March & April 2019